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 Recent Web Sites

Global Web Design Group developed  from one man's hobby to a company with 4 different locations and a staff made up of computer scientists, management information specialists, graphic artists, and professional web designers. We have built several hundred web sites. Below are a few examples of recent sites that we have built.

Spectrum Cruises

A up and coming company, Spectrum cruises made is mark summer of 2002. They offer a 65' charter vessel for fishing and cruises. This web site is one of the most detailed sites this company has ever built.

Jet America Virtual Airlines (Coming Soon!)

One way for aviation enthusiasts to come as close as they can get to working for a major airline. This website will have downloads of 5 planes designed by our company and much more.

SeaStar Excursions

This site was built for a business man who wanted to bring boating to e-commerce. The site brings in a average of  10 to 15 clients a week to his vessels. In addition to building the site, we put a link on hundreds of pages and the top 7 search engines which brings him quite a few visitors.

Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc

This site is the company that owns global Web design Group. They offer boating instructions and NYS Safe Boaters courses through out the state in addition to Captain for hire and yacht delivery anywhere along the East Coast of the United States.



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