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 Welcome to Global Web Design Group
In today's world, the internet is considered a important business tool. Global Web Design Group provides our clients with a complete package including domain name registration, hosting services, and web design.  Global Web Design is a division of Mid-Island Maritime Services- a company that has been providing internet and related services for several years. We provide competitively priced internet solutions for all clients.
 What you get

If you have products to sell, services to offer, or information to share, then you are at a loss by not having a web site. The internet provides 24 hour continuous advertising and sales to a global market. anyone in the world with access to the internet can view your site. As a added bonus, all of our clients are listed on leading search engines for free!

 The bottom line
We too are a small company and do understand what it is like to make any investment in today's economy. This is why we offer services at reasonable prices. On behalf of our professional staff, we take pride in every web site that we build.

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Global Web Design Group
A Division of Mid-Island Maritime Services, Inc.
Phone: (631) 491-1497
Email: info@GlobalWebDesignGroup